Clear TPU Inflatable Bubble Soccer For Adults - Bubble soccer


Inflatable bubble soccer Advantage:

1. Aomiao-made straps with sponge inside(detachable straps can be provided as well)

2. Soft handles with hose cover

3. New valve in excellent air-tight system

4. Aomiao-made cordlocks and double ropes construction

5. Packing bag and repair kits for each ball

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Clear TPU Inflatable Bubble Soccer For Adults
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Clear TPU Inflatable Bubble Soccer For Adults

  • Name:

    Inflatable Bubble Soccer
  • Brand:

  • Material:

    TPU(0.7mm/ 1.0mm)
  • Color:

  • Size:

    Diameter 1.2m/ 1.5m/ 1.6m/ 1.8m
  • MOQ:

  • Logo:

    Can be printed on
  • OEM service:

  • Package:

    Oxford Bag + Strong Carton
  • Accessories:

    CE/UL Air Pump
  • Repair Kits:

    Valve, wrench, Repair, Material
  • Product description:

    High quality material and new production methods for our inflatable bubble soccer

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inflatable bubble soccer for adult


When you wear one of our Inflatable bubble soccer, you are surrounded by an inflatable device that allows you to run, bounce, roll and spin, all while bumping into other bubbles. It’s a good physical workout, it makes you feel great and, most of all, it’s a lot of fun! 


inflatable bubble soccer Diamerter


for kids


for kids & adults


for adults

Suitable stature(m)  1.2-1.6   1.5-1.9 1.8-2.2 
Suitable weight(kg)  35-55 40-85  50-105 
Inside diameter(cm) 32-35  47-50 58-62
 Net weight(kg) 5.3-7.6 7.0-9.5 9.1-11.5
Gross weight(kg) 6.1-8 8.0-10 10.2-12

Tpu inflatable bubble soccer

cheap inflatable bubble soccer

giant inflatable bubble soccer

bubble ball soccer

inflatable human bubble soccer

Aomiao Bubble Soccer Details Advantage

bubble soccer for sale

1. Straps : Our new style plus cotton straps will make people feel more comfortable playing inflatable bubble soccer! And these straps are so strong that you never need to change!

2. Handles : The soft handle makes it more comfortable, and our hoses prevent the handle from absorbing sweat!

inflatable bubble soccer for sale

3. Double Rope : The double rope structure makes the whole sphere more durable. This production method will also make the inflatable bubble soccer more closed and increase the service life of the product!

4. TPU cordlocks : New TPU cordlocks will help to make the balls lighter which will be easier for people to carry with whiling playing! They will also make the inflatable bubble soccer with the much smaller packing size that the balls can be much easier and cheaper to be shipped !

We pay attention to every detail, each stitching and cutting is made manually, from design to artcrafts, we try our best to satisfy different needs of different children and adults and make our customers have great fun.

We still own more details advantage, want to learn more? Contact us soon!!! 

Choose professional bubble soccer manufacturer, you will save more money and time when you get the inflatables in future.