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We firstly got an inquiry on our inflatable water park games from River Palace which is based in Korea! And they are one of the biggest water parks games companies in the Korea! We talked with Mr. Hwang on the details of some water sets as sample, and they also purchased some bubble balls from us in a sample order as well! We designed first for some inflatable disco boats which are mainly used on the water and will be dragged by a running yacht! 

inflatable water park gamesinflatable disco boats

After the sample order, they are very satisfied with the products that we provided(bubble balls + water game set), Mr.Hwang would like to set up a huge inflatable water park in Inchon, and he decided to fly to Guangzhou and have a face-face meeting with us!

During the meeting time, we talked a lot on the inflatable water park games on setting up details, designs and shipping, and for their water area, we also suggested to go with our water park set that is very popular all over world with their own customized colors and logo designs, and we finally reached a consensus, then we are moving into the production and discussed more for the further cooperation!

inflatable water park biggest water parks (the pictures that we got from the clients)

And for now, we are working together and have built a long term win-win business relationship with each other! They are also very satisfied with our products quality and will soon again have a meeting with us in Guangzhou!

If you have any inquiries on our products, pls feel free to contact with us at [email protected]! And we can work together to make a scheme and choose the best products designs for your business!

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