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Aomiao new style bubble ball soccer with a window in the front!

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New designed bubble ball soccer with a window

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We got some feedback from our clients that they were looking at a bubble ball soccer that has a window(hole) in the front, and then the people can see through more clearly and have more fresh air whiling they are wearing a bubble ball!

Now, a good news that Aomiao Inflatables just worked out with this new style ball that will definitely fulfill your requirement! We designed the hole in the front with a diameter size of about 12ft, then the people inside can have a great view! Here we go with more pictures:

bubble ball soccer with a window  bubble ball soccer

For the Thanksgiving Days and the December, we have below promotion for these balls, and the prices of these balls will be very attractive!

bubble ball soccer promotion

If you have any more questions or need more information on this new style bubble ball soccer, pls feel free to contact with our team! 

Guangzhou Aomiao Inflatable Co., Ltd

Nov. 23rd, 2017

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