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The banana boat is very popular for the water games, so we would like to include how to inflate and use the banana boat properly!

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How to use the inflatable banana boat?

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The banana boat is very popular for the water games, so we would like to include how to inflate and use the banana boat properly!

Banana Boat Inflation

To open the valve, simply push down the top needle spring and turn to the right while in the down position. The needle spring will stay down and the valve will be open. You can then simply put air pump to this opening and fill the banana until firm. Once it is firm, quickly remove the inflator and push down the needle spring and turn to the left - it will pop back up to the closed position.

How much air is the right amount?

In general, the banana boat is full when it is very firm. An adult should be able to sit on the tube and only sink a couple of inches. Banana boats need to be full of air and properly maintained for long product life!

Banana Boat Tow Rope

Use tensile strength rope

side by side Banana Boats have a double tow harness with two extended D-ring connections on each main pontoon.

Using a 2' length of rope, tie each end to the D-rings, making a small loop on each pontoon

Tie 10' of rope between each 2' loop, threading the sliding toggle connection through the rope so it slides smoothly.

Thread the rope (75'-100') that will attach to the boat, through the sliding toggle and attach securely to the boat.

Note: for inline Banana Boats with one extended d-ring on each side, use this same sliding toggle connection


Banana Boat Repairs

Use PVC adhesive found at your local marine store. We suggest Clifton Urethane adhesive. Before you begin, make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area, climate controlled to at least 70 degrees. It is advised that you wear protective gloves when working with chemicals. After you have done the repair to the tube, it must sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours. When making a repair, do not inflate tube to maximum capacity. It is recommended that the tube be semi-soft for all repairs.

Repairing Holes in the Tube:

1. Cut the patch larger than the area to be repaired. Be sure to round the corners of the patch. Use the patches enclosed with your banana boat or contact us to receive the new patch material.

2. Place the patch over the area to be repaired, outline with a pen.

3. Wipe patch with clean towel. Using a clean towel, wipe area on the tube to be repaired.

 4. Place one thin coat of glue on the patch and one thin coat of glue on the tube. WAIT 5 minutes.

5. Place patch on glued area

6. With dull instrument, starting at the center of the patch, gently smooth the patch in place, paying attention to all corners and sides of the patch.

7. Use repair adhesive to outline patch to assure patch is sealed.

8. Remove any glue residue. Allow boat to sit for 24 hours. Don’t rush the drying.

9. Air up the tube and check for leaks.


TIP: If you try to repair a small break in the seam, use the repair instructions above. Be sure you allow for the contour of the tube when letting the area dry. It is sometimes necessary to glue and set a section, and after it is dry move onto the next section along the contoured area.

 banana boat inflatable banana boat


Instructions and Safety Warnings


Be aware that there are risks in boating and Watersports that good judgment and personal awareness can help reduce. To increase your enjoyment of Watersports, follow the ten elements of the Code.

In Watersports it is your responsibility to:

•      ALWAYS familiarize yourself with applicable laws, waterways, and inherent risks

•      ALWAYS have a capable observer in addition to driver, and agreed on hand signals

•      ALWAYS wear a properly fitted life jacket approved by your country’s agency

•      ALWAYS read user’s manual and inspect equipment before use

•      ALWAYS ride under control, at proper speeds, and within your limits

•      ALWAYS turn ignition off when anyone is near watercraft power drive unit

•      ALWAYS stay clear of engine exhaust to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning

•      NEVER “Platform Drag” or touch swim platform while the engine is running

•      NEVER ride near swimmers, shallow water, other boats, or obstacles

•      NEVER operate watercraft or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Instructions and Safety Warnings

Anyone planning to tow the banana boat must review the Manual before use!

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June. 4th, 2018

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