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What is inflatable banana boat? A banana boat ( or water sled ), is an unpowered, inflatable recreational boat meant to be towed.

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Inflatable Banana Boat, designed for fun during spring and summer!

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What is inflatable banana boat? A banana boat ( or water sled ), is an unpowered, inflatable recreational boat meant to be towed. Different models usually accommodate three to twelve riders sitting on a larger, main tube and resting their feet on two laterally flanking tubes which stabilize the boat. The main tube is often yellow and banana-shaped. Some models have two main tubes.

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Our inflatable banana boat are perfect for group or family actives and outings. They are extremely durable for rugged use by several users at once. The best feature of these boat are their ability to accommodate a large number of people, ranging from 2-person riders, to 12-person riders. While most water sled/ banana boat tubes allow for a single line of riders, many of our newer models will use two primary inflated boarding struts for double the riding capacity. With our product selection consisting of industry-recognized brand names, you can be confident your purchase was built to last. So what are you waiting for? Grabbing 11 friends and prepare for the wildest water ride of your life.

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The most important is, our banana boat has strong hold, strength to secure passengers from flipping or tipping over. A creative design, installed five gripping ropes to maintain a sturdy balance on board. Two pointed noses on either side of inflatable, making it easy to glide through water and rough patched environment. Light and easy to deflate and inflated, non spacious requirements. Easily handled, handles on either end of banana boating making it simple and supportive to use. Along with strong commercial grade PVC material, operated to mount and withhold a heavy amount without breaking, easily tarring or deflating, secure and tough.

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August 30th, 2017

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