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Is playing bubble soccer dangerous

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We wouldn't say that bubble soccer is completely safe. Like any sport (especially contact sports), there are some related risks that are important for potential players to consider. The first is that there are certain injuries that are uniform risks across every sport: twisted ankles, banged-up knees, etc. Bubble soccer is no different in terms of these types of injury risks. That being said, there are certain safety guidelines that can be observed in terms of gameplay administration that can mitigate the risks of these injuries if guidelines are enforced. Such as

● Players should wear comfortable sportswear and sports shoes, don't wear sharp accessories.

● Playing bubble soccer in a good environment, on the flat and clean floor indoor, or on the soft lawn outdoor, to avoid the ground with sharp objects.

● Do not inflate bubble soccer too much, leaving a little space to maintain the most comfortable flexibility. Usually, 1200W air pump inflating time will be 60 seconds for 1.2m diameter bubble soccer, 90 seconds for 1.5m diameter, 120 seconds for 1.8m diameter.

● If it is the first time playing bubble soccer, please avoid the violent collision. Give yourself a little bit of time to understand and adapt the bounce of bubble soccer. After that, give full play to your own sports strength, you will enjoy the bubble soccer to bring you the fun! That is the most secure learning and entertainment process.


If you follow the above guidelines, you can reduce the risk of injury. This is also the organizer's focus in game management to ensure the safety of all players and the safety of the game.

As a manufacturer, we've taken steps to make the game safe for all ages not only from a gameplay perspective but also from an equipment standpoint.

● All of our production materials are CE certified and are the highest quality materials on the market.

● Aomiao straps and handles, according to the most ergonomic design, comfortable, durable, and safe.

● Aomiao cord lock, the use of o'clock our own R & D design--TPU cord lock. Not only heat press more firmly, lighter weight, but also to avoid potential damage risk by the traditional hard cord lock.

● All bubble soccer balls must be tested for 24 hours at least before delivery. To check whether the airtight is good, the strap is secure, and all the accessories are working well.

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Guangzhou Aomiao Inflatable as a professional bubble soccer equipment manufacturer, we hope the players can enjoy the fun of bubble soccer on the premise of security. So we will provide you the best products!

Ultimately, any sport has potential risks, so it is important for players and operators to follow a correct guideline to manage the game safely. Hope every player can get the most fun from the bubble soccer!

July.31st, 2017

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