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Most countries in Europe and the United States schools have inflatable rock climbing into the physical education curriculum

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Let’s play the inflatable rock climbing!

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Most countries in Europe and the United States schools have inflatable rock climbing into the physical education curriculum. According to the State Department of health statistics, China has about 16% children sensory integration is poor, there will be learning or emotional disorder, a slow response, small muscle movement is not flexible, the ability to distinguish weak brain learning problems such as the existence of. Parents should encourage children to engage in climbing game activities, let the children accept different touch, can stimulate the growth and learning ability of child brain development.

Inflatable castle inflatable rock climbing activity is the most intimate dialogue between human body and nature between the rocks, hands grip on children with rock, rock and trying to maintain balance and rhythm, the most interesting is the positive sensory experience. Inflatable rock climbing in addition to physical exercise, can let the children to overcome difficulties in the process, enhance the self affirmation, strengthen self-confidence; and the constant pursuit of self challenge sports, compared with the positive development of general activities help personality. The child is born climber, as they learn to walk, always like to climb such as furniture, door ladder, trees, walls and other objects around the. Children's instinct required by game and competition activities, to stimulate the development, the ability to form and perfect personality.

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Therefore, children climbing is the physical and mental education process necessary, in the face of children born to climb the desire, the adults to do should be strengthen safety protection, provide them with a safe climbing environment, then let the child to climb.

Europe and the United States education authorities have adventure education into the formal curriculum, let teenagers are used to face the challenge, the courage to explore new things, will overcome difficulties into personality personality, cultivate defying setbacks, courageous spirits. Appropriate risk is the personality and mental healthy essential activity development.

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Sep. 27th, 2017

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