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Obstacle Courses are a ton of fun and great to satisfy your child's competitive nature.

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What is an inflatable obstacle course?

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Obstacle Courses are a ton of fun and great to satisfy your child's competitive nature. Kids can race each other or just run wild through all the pop-ups, side bars, tunnels, rock walls and slides. There are so many different ways to have fun.

A plethora of twists, turns, leaps and bounds all within a confined area and usually racing for time. Well, we've built a similar type of thing but the confines are inside one of our inflatable jumping castles!

 inflatableobstaclecourse_01  inflatableobstaclecourse_01-1a3ca

There's tunnels to crawl through, vertical poles to weave between, climbing walls to cross over, slides to contend with and so much more!

What sorts of events can you apply an obstacle course for?

Inflatable obstacle courses are so popular because they're literally perfect for any type of event provided you've got the space!

1. Sporting events - including golf club presentations, soccer carnivals, football break-ups and more!

2. Church groups - youth events, special occasions, fundraisers & more

3. Corporate team building - the perfect way to get your co-workers a little more friendly!

4. Christmas break-ups - some companies love to throw huge end of year events and our obstacle courses are certainly kept busy!

5. Community events - raising awareness, gold coin donations etc. Our massive inflatable obstacle courses bring impact to an event through their sheer size and design

6. Schools - the best solution for large crowds and minimal lines! The amazing thing we find is - these kids never tire out!

7. Fundraisers - the perfect way to raise money! Pit challengers against each other to race through the obstacle course with the losing team donating funds!

8.  Private events - if you've got the land area, why not pimp our your party at home. Perfect for birthday party and family relaxing.

If you need any more information or you are interested in any inflatable items in our website, pls feel free to contact with our team!

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Sep. 21st, 2017 

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